Calvary GreenWood is committed to bringing the truth of God, revealed in the Person and Purposes of Jesus Christ, to bear on the wounds and bewilderment of a sin-wracked, dying world.


We are called out of the World, but we are called to be light unto the world, a mission we can only accomplish by being in the world which God loved so much that He gave His only begotten Son to redeem it (John 3:16).

Our vision is of the Church in the midst of the Marketplace, because we believe that is the vision of God Himself. Increasingly, the institution of the church is irrelevant to our culture, and this has never been God's desire. We believe that we must speak to the culture in a language it understands, providing worship and teaching which are in an idiom familiar to the culture and which address the issues relevant to it. We want to see the Church at the focal point of the World's misery and confusion, healing as Jesus healed, binding up the broken-hearted, being light where there is darkness, speaking truth where there is confusion, and in every way by every means available bringing the Love of God in Christ into our every sphere of influence.

That sphere may be small at first, but however much it may grow we must never forget that only the purposes of God endure. It is His pleasure to work through His people, the Body of Christ. He has provided that His Church be administered by means of Spiritual Gifts. The Church is Charismatic in that it only exists and operates through the charis, the gifts and grace of God. The Church is Orthodox in that the doctrine of the Apostles, biblically derived, is not subject to emendation. The Church is Catholic in that it is Universal: never has there been nor can there be more than one Church. The Church is Evangelical in that its only charter is to "go into all the world, making disciples and baptizing in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28: 19)"

God is working His purposes out; it is our desire to take our place in the Church, the Body of Christ which is the expression of those eternal purposes in the World, and to faithfully discharge the duties to which we are called so that we may, one day, hear from our Lord that "well done" which every faithful servant longs to hear.


Bulletin and Events

Weekly Schedule

8:45 am
Microscopic, Interactive Bible Study

10 am Worship & Pericopic Bible Study (Children's Ministry provided)

6:30 am
Men's Prayer Group

7 pm
Men's Study (2nd and 4th weeks)

9 am
MOPS (2nd and 4th weeks)
7 pm Mars Hill Café Music

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