The setting for the ministry of Calvary GreenWood is an elegant piece of jewelry indeed. Built in 1890 on a hill overlooking downtown Denver in the historic Highlands district, the Asbury Methodist Church (named for founding Methodist Bishop Francis Asbury) sits "like a city on a hill", prominently in view throughout the central Platte Valley. The building was designed by Denver architect Frank Kidder, in homage to his east-coast mentor Henry Hobson Richardson, reflecting in compact form the bold stylistic character of Richardson's Trinity Church in Boston. The Asbury Church is deemed to be the foremost example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Denver. The exterior of the building is constructed of 22.5 inch-thick blocks of pink Manitou sandstone alternating with gray volcanic ashlar. The interior is all of timber frame construction, panelled throughout with Texas yellow pine. It contains what is thought to be the oldest pipe organ in Colorado. The acoustics of the building are shaped by the intersecting barrel vaults which give the space the form of a Greek cross. Each vault ends in a gallery with three stained glass windows, suggestive of the Trinity. The undercroft below was designed to have five windows in each wall, emblematic of the five Wounds of Christ. The building is a magnificent example of the kind "they don't build anymore", but a building, after all, is only a building. The Church is an organism.

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