At the core of the ministry of Calvary GreenWood is the conviction that the Almighty God of the universe has spoken into human history, and continues to do so. Several things follow from this conviction, enumerated below in no particular order:

1) Because He is God, and not subject to growth and change, what He speaks now remains essentially unchanged in its ultimate meaning from what He has always spoken. He hasn't changed His mind, He wasn't wrong before, He hasn't grown up and gotten hip; He has spoken saving words of life and power from the earliest moments of human existence, and does so still. We must be diligent to discover the truth of His Word, in faith that the reward for doing so is nothing short of reality itself.

2) Because He is God, and not subject to cultural and temporal limitations, the truth that He speaks, alone of all things ever said on earth, meets each person exactly where he, where she, is. This was demonstrated in the days of Jesus' earthly ministry and in the early Apostolic period, in multiple fulfillments of prophecies spoken in ancient days, as to Abraham (Gn. 15), that his posterity would be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth. Jesus had a propensity for hanging out with the unworthy, the whores, the con artists, the vulgar working men, the chronically sick, the deranged, the dubious, the weak, the uneducated, the foreigners, the pagan, the heterodox, the unqualified and the disqualified. He hasn't changed His taste in people. He came to seek and serve the lost, to heal the sick. The only people he failed to reach were those who used the form of the revelation of God to make themselves impervious to God, who, in other words, didn't know they were lost and sick. No one needs to change who he is to come to God; He'll take care of the changes afterwards. Does that sound like Good News to you?

3) Because this Gospel, this Good News, is beyond culture and time, God has graciously deigned to speak out His truth by means of whatever cultural medium is available. The truth of what we teach is the same as it has always been; the form we speak it in must always be subject to reinterpretation. The teaching of the Word of God must consist of roughly equal parts of exegesis and application. The study of the Word of God is not a sterile, academic exercise. It does demand the best our intellect can bring to it, but no human mind will ever exhaust it. After being as meticulous with it as we can, we must then in all humility prostrate ourselves before its mystery and admit that it is beyond us, that It is the riches of God's Wisdom itself. On the other hand, God's Word must not be simply reduced to a platform for hanging a few pet phrases and ideas on. The Word of God is not a launching pad for motivational speeches or positive thinking seminars. It is deep beyond us; it demands our best but rewards us, if we seek it, even at our worst.

4) Just as the eternal truths of the scriptures must be taught in a language and in a manner which is understandable to the people, so also the worship of God must be in an idiom which is accessible to them. There have been many different forms of worship over the centuries, and each of them, before they became museum pieces, expressed the human longing for God in a way that was perfectly acceptable in the culture in which it arose. This is still true. Every time there has been a great move of the Spirit, it has been accompanied by outbursts of praise and worship, of melody unto the Lord, in whatever cultural idiom was contemporary to the people who were being transformed by His love. It must be understood that one need not change one's taste in music to come to God. Music has always excited people, in whatever form, from plainchant to massed choirs, from solo, a capella singing to rock and roll bands. Music moves us on many different levels: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical. We must use it as skillfully as we can to make known the praise of our God.

People often ask about our name, Calvary GreenWood. Our convictions about worship and teaching are expressed here. Calvary is the meeting place of God and man. On that hill, just outside the city of Jerusalem some nineteen hundred and seventy years ago, the way was opened for man to return to relationship with God untrammelled by our sin, our guilt, our self-destructive behavior, our inattention and inability. We didn't do this; God did. The Blood shed upon that cross that day did, in a way beyond telling, that which no human effort could do, and those who embrace that cross find themselves brought into a new freedom and power of life which was unattainable to them in themselves. But it must be understood that the wood of that cross is not some splintered, dried out historic artifact. It is ever new, ever green, always emblematic of growth and life, never conquered or diminished. At Calvary GreenWood we are committed to that growth and life, to the daily freshness of that meeting between the God who reaches out to us and our own wretchedness, and to the ultimate transformation of that wretchedness, of the replacement of our own, failing life with the very life of God Himself in Christ.

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